Definitely not Broken

The Broken Afternoon is the 2nd in Simon Masons new Oxford series. The two Wilkins which are the main protagonists in this series are highly distinctive characters which bring a completely new flavour to a popular police location of Oxford. After Dexter and Hunter though, there had to be something unique to stick out against … Continue reading Definitely not Broken

Two jobs, one technique

This week William Shaw's Reading Party has helped me to find a technique which I'm now using in my other job for the council, where my PA's read information out to me and then I read it back into the dictaphone. In the case of William Shaw, it was then played back live, but for … Continue reading Two jobs, one technique

Thrillers together at Christmas

This Christmas I have been focussing on my upcoming book on psychological thrillers and looking at two authors who can come up with a cracking tale. Both the latest books by these two authors focus closely on family dynamics often prevalent within psychological thrillers, both Lesley's The Apartment Upstairs and C.L. Taylor's The Guilty Couple … Continue reading Thrillers together at Christmas