Preparing for Readers Day 2019


On the 16th of November as part of the Readers Day event put on by Inspire, who help run Nottinghamshire Libraries, Caz Frear and T.M. Logan are involved in a panel ‘Would I Lie To You’. Both Caz and Tim where chosen for this panel because of their books both containing plot lines around Liars, this may explain the title for the panel but I am sure I will discover the exact reason on the day, also they have both been selected by Richard & Judy.

In order to understand Caz’s characters and writing style it may well have been beneficial to read her first book Sweet Little Lies, sometimes though there isn’t always time to do this, so when reading Stone Cold Heart I found myself at an automatic disadvantage. Because I was unaware of the impact of the previous book on DC Cat Kinsella, I found that all the character building scenes left me somewhat frustrated, because like lots of authors seem to do with police procedurals, Caz had tied the first book closely to the personal life of her detective character.  Because I only got a slight insight into the characters motivation and the other investigating characters seem to take a sidekick role I didn’t feel I knew enough about them as well, but, I must remember this is only the second in the series and don’t know how many Caz has planned for the future.

When it came to the investigative interview sections of the novel I felt at times it was slightly un-realistic initially as it seemed largely to focus on one suspect and his narcissistic personality, but, by the time I got to its eighth hour and it was starting to reach its conclusion I soon began to realise that it was well structured and that the clues were deeply engrained in the story.  As a prospective writer myself I can see how much re-writing this must have taken and the book can only be this complicated with a lot of pre-planning and it taught me never to pre-judge, and although the title strongly implied that the Stone Cold Heart was one person it could well have been anybody.

For anyone who has the opportunity to read this I would highly recommend it as it may well shock and surprise you, although, it is slightly unbelievable, but, a lot of crime books are written like this so fans should be used to it by now.

I am really looking forward to meeting Caz on the 16th in order to discuss the book with her.


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