Will this come out from the Shadows?

In the Shadows is the fourth book in the debut category at this years Bloody Scotland that I’ve reviewed. As I finished this book I’m unsure what I really think about what the author is trying to do, as it falls between two stalls. It has a large element of amateur sleuthing with Michael Bach, the social worker and the police procedural element of Detective Monica Kennedy. When she describes the pathology sections of the book the graphic detail may put some people off. However, some people look for this, so I’m not sure whether it is a positive or a negative.

When it comes to the perpetrator, whom she labelled as The Watcher, at times there were too many possibilities for whom it might be. However, Monica’s relationship with her daughter make this book different, as I’ve only seen that once before in other novels, as normally family are seen as an aside in a lot of procedurals. The social worker’s part of the story, made it different, as I’ve not seen a social worker as a major character before in the genre.

Although this book is not without its flaws I still feel that it was worth my time in reading it and would recommend it to those readers who are more willing to suspend their disbelief – not every book can be wholly realistic. There are plenty of thrills within this book. I would be happy to give the author’s second novel a read.


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