Pinborough’s heart shows the Unexpected

In preparation for Sarah Pinborough’s appearance at Nottingham Waterstones on the 20th of this month where she is due to talk about her latest book, Cross her Heart; I obtained a copy of the book from the library. However, the library copy did cause some issues when reviewing it. Around cd7 the copy began to jump to the point where I was unable to hear the narrator’s voice with any confidence, so I gave up and resorted to reading chapters 57 and 58 through an ebook copy for the first time – also obtained through the library. This was a relief as it reduced the possibility of not obtaining a copy in time if I had had to wait for it in paperback.

Given the style in which Sarah wrote the earlier part of the book, I naïvely assumed that my vast reading knowledge had allowed me to guess where the story was going. I am proud to say that I was wrong. I was surprised to get a twist about a third of the way through the book, which enticed me to read on. After this initial twist I was wary not to take her writing style for granted. The approach in dealing with each chapter from different perspectives of characters in the novel allowed Pinborough to effectively pull the wool and slowly reveal the story in a way that encouraged you to read for longer periods than you had originally planned.

However, there were a few too many twists to allow me to suspend my disbelief too much, but by this time I was that invested in the characters and I was willing to overlook this. As a crime fan I am now used to authors that use many twists in order to attract the readers, so this is not the first time that I have thought it has been overused. As the characters had many different age ranges it allowed me to easily separate each chapter into unique segments. Sometimes characters may be difficult to differentiate, but not on this occasion. Lisa, Ava and Marylin all had their own unique voices and stories.

As the synopsis says, ‘Promises only last if you trust each other,’ and this small quote succinctly encapsulates the plot. If you are looking for a book that goes places that you don’t expect, this may be the book for you.

Is it Lisa, Ava or Marylin that will keep you as intrigued as I was?


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